auxiliary events

2011 Main Street Vendor Schedule

Date Vendor Name
July 6th Time & Place
July 7th Performance Scrubs
July 8th CRL Enterprises
July 15th Bracelet Girl
July 21st Fabulous Finds
August 5th Saundra Magana
August 10th Time & Place
August 12th Bracelet Girl
August 18th Katya - designer of smart jewelry
August 19th Accessories Plus More
August 25th Fabulous Finds
August 26th CRL Enterprises
September 7th Time & Place
September 8th CJ Fashions (Synagogue)
September 14th The Dead Bug and Amber Club
September 15th Fabulous Finds
September 16th Bracelet Girl
September 22nd Second Story Interiors (Lobby & Synagogue)
September 23rd CRL Enterprises
October 5th Sheets
October 6th Accessories Plus More
October 12th Time & Place
October 17th Bracelet Girl
October 18th K & D Novelties
October 19th Beaded Baubles & Bags
October 27th Fabulous Finds
October 28th The Dead Bug and Amber Club
November 2nd Delly London
November 3rd CJ Fashions (Synagogue)
November 4th Saundra Magana
November 9th Time & Place
November 10th Bracelet Girl
November 11th Steve Levy
November 16th K & D Novelties
November 17th D & D Jewelry (Synagogue & Lobby)
November 18th CRL Enterprises
November 22nd Beads by Heart
December 1st Fabulous Finds
December 2nd Delly London
December 6th Fleece Products
December 7th Time & Place
December 8th Accessories Plus More
December 9th The Dead Bug and Amber Club
December 14th CRL Enterprises
December 15th Saundra Magana
December 16th Bracelet Girl
December 20th Geraldine's Boutique
December 22nd K & D Novelties