The Auxiliary of Hebrew Health Care is a multi-generational group, almost 1,300 strong, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of our residents wherever we see the need through volunteerism and fundraising. The Auxiliary began more than one hundred years ago when the "Handkerchief Brigade" took ten years to collect $1,000 in nickels to purchase the first Home. We have, therefore, been referred to as the "heart of the heart" in Hebrew Health Care.

Highlights of Auxiliary Funding:

  • Funds and manages the Gift Shop at the Home
  • Funds the Coffee Shop at the Home
  • Purchased new DVD players for resident floors
  • Funds Bingo program at Home
  • Resident Holiday parties - provides entertainment, refreshments, volunteers
  • Purchased 5 hospital low beds and 8 specialized slings
  • Automatic external defibrillator
  • Music Fund
  • Rabbi's Ritual Fund
  • Furnishings of Home
  • Beauty Shop and Lobby Renovations
  • Purchased IV Infusion Pain Pumps
  • Purchased Alternate Air Pressure Mattresses
  • Supports Senior Screen Day(part of Jewish Film Festival) at Hebrew Health Care

For 77 years the Auxiliary held an annual Strawberry Festival as its main fundraiser. Upon retiring the Strawberry Festival and with a goal of connecting the outside community to the residents and clients of Hebrew Health Care, the Auxiliary in September, 2007 introduced Family Fun Day. Today, Family Fun Day - is the Auxiliary's main fundraiser and is successful in connecting the Greater Hartford Community to Hebrew Health Care!

The Auxiliary at Hebrew Health Care accepts donations to the following:

  • Art Fund
  • Chai Fund
  • Golden Book Fund
  • Home Furnishings Fund
  • Library Fund
  • Tree of Life Fund (Plaque opportunity)
  • Walk of Ages (Brick - honor or memorial tributes)
  • Ruth Shulman Family Fund
  • General Fund

If you would like more information about The Auxiliary of Hebrew Health Care, please contact Brenda McVerry at 860.523.3829 or by .