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Care Consultations and Support Groups

Dementia Care Consultation

Navigating the dementia experience is typically overwhelming--for both the person living with dementia, and that person’s care partner(s).  Care consultation offers a practical roadmap during a time of confusion and uncertainty.
Our dementia care expert explores the unique components of each person’s experience.    For example:   How has the person’s life history impacted their situation today? How can current strengths and supports be better utilized?  What additional resources are available?  Does the caregiver feel confident in communicating with the person with dementia and responding to difficult behaviors?  Is the caregiver prepared to cope with increased future care needs? Guidance is tailored to help with a variety of challenges.  Questions we often hear are:
  • “What is mom’s stage of dementia?  How much longer do you think she has?”
  • “How do I get her to stop getting up at night? I’m worried she may leave the house.”
  • “I lose my patience with my dad alot.  He makes the same mistakes over and over again…No matter how many times I try to help him do things the right way, he just doesn’t get it…that’s when I lose my temper….I feel like a terrible son.”
  • “ She can’t do the things she used to love.  She was a baker…an artist..a teacher…now she just sits and watches TV….it’s so depressing.”
  • “My wife hates to shower. She yells and tries to hit me.  Am I supposed to just walk away? It’s my job to make sure she stays clean!”
A detailed Care Guide offers useful tools to make your life as a caregiver easier.  Due to the changing, progressive nature of dementia, an annual follow up consultation is recommended.  Hebrew Senior Care values your trust. In return, we pledge our commitment to walk WITH you on this journey- every step of the way.  

Support Group Information

Hebrew Senior Care offers Alzheimer’s Association endorsed support groups.  Our support group facilitators have decades of experience as support group leaders, and all have been specially trained by the Alzheimer’s Association to lead the groups. 

Presently, we offer two ongoing, open support groups.  No RSVP’s are required. However, we do encourage individuals to contact one of the leaders to learn more about each group.  To learn more about Support Groups click here.


  1. The Caregiver Support Group welcomes the many types of caregivers for persons with dementia. All are welcome, including spouses, adult children, siblings, friends, and long-distance caregivers. This group helps the caregiver develop a support system, with people who share similar experiences. Members learn from the leaders and each other, and they benefit from practical information on caregiving and available resources. This group meets on the first Thursday of each month from 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm.  Facilitator information below.
  2. The Mild Cognitive Impairment Support Group welcomes persons diagnosed with either Mild Cognitive Impairment or Early Stage Dementia.  This is not a caregiver group; rather it is a group for the person with a cognitive impairment.  Members are encouraged to share personal experiences and offer mutual support surrounding how they are living with their condition.  Many group members are coping with relationship changes, maintaining independence, and accepting support from family and healthcare providers. This group meets the second Thursday of the month from 4:00pm-5:00pm at Jewish Family Services in West Hartford.  Facilitator information below:


Heather Dobbert, LCSW, CDP
Director of Dementia Care Services at Hebrew Senior Care
Penny Yellen, LCSW at Jewish Family Services
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