Parkinson's Disease Association West Hartford Support Group : 12/10/14

Hebrew Health Care and West Hartford Senior Center, affiliated with the American Parkinson’s Disease Association Connecticut Chapter, have partnered to offer a Parkinson's Disease Support Group. This support group is (...) Read More

Early Stage Memory Loss Support Group : 12/11/14

 Hebrew Health Care and Jewish Family Services have partnered to offer an Alzheimer's Early Stage Memory Loss Support Group. Our goal is to provide educational, emotional and social support for (...) Read More

Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Group Meeting : 12/4/14

Caregivers Support  Group This group, affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter, is a traditional support group facilitated by trained professionals. Caregivers of persons with memory loss are welcome and the (...) Read More

Chinese (Cantonese) Family Caregiver Support Group : 12/17/14

 華語(廣東話/普通話) 家庭照顧者互助小組 Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin) Family Caregiver Support Group  發覺記憶越來越差? 總是忘記事情? 這可能不是正常老化?   Hebrew Health Care and Elmwood Community Center, affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Association, Connecticut Chapter, have partnered to offer all  Chinese (...) Read More