Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod Donates to Hebrew Senior Care

Sandie Pastuszak is what you could call an avid quilter.  She is a fairly new member of Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, but her quilting experience didn’t begin there.  Before she retired to Cape Cod, she quilted as part of a group in South Windsor, Connecticut, but was sure to carry the hobby with her when she moved.  Founded in 1981 with just 15 members, Bayberry Quilters is now compiled of 300 extremely dedicated members.  There are the quilters’ guild monthly meetings, both morning and evening and once a month “Quilt-Ins” designed for socializing and expert assistance.  These quilters specifically design and hand-stitch over 200 quilts for charities, hospitals, shelters, veterans, etc.  Sandie says, “Making a quilt for someone is like giving them a hug,” and those “hugs” are what the Bayberry Quilter’s strive for. 

Cape Cod is not only home to Bayberry Quilters, but also to Cape Cod Cares for the Troops founded in 2005 by Dylan DeSilva, and managed by his mother Michelle DeSilva.  Dylan wanted to honor our troops for their service, dedication, and sacrifices to our country.  Cape Cod Cares for the Troops works especially with Bayberry Quilters for Operation Santa at Fort Belvoir, a rehabilitation location for Veterans in Virginia.  Operation Santa works to collect quilts, wreaths, stockings, gifts for spouses, and stocking stuffers for kids of the wounded warriors who have previously served our country.  The quilts are handmade and donated by Bayberry Quilters for Operation Santa.

When Marsha Mulready, a registered dietician at Hebrew Senior Care, found out about this great cause that Sandie is a part of she brought the connection right to Hebrew Senior Care providing the chance for one of our residents to have a quilt of his own.  Sandie says she is motivated by “the joy we can bring to peoples’ lives who are suffering physical and mental difficulties and who have given us so much,” and one of our residents deserves such joy, so this quilted surprise was absolutely perfect.

Paul Pavano, a resident of Hebrew Senior Care, was the Veteran that was given the quilt, handmade by Sandie. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Paul worked as a mechanic during the 1950’s at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina; water contamination there contributed to negative effects on Paul’s health giving him cause to seek services at Hebrew Senior Care.

Hebrew Senior Care has been given the honor to witness the “hug” and “joy” that Sandie describes.  With the gift of the hand-made quilt, Paul has received a gift that represents his service, dedication, and sacrifices for our country, something that can never be taken away from him.  Although his health has been affected by his time of service, groups like Bayberry Quilters and Cape Cod Cares for the Troops continue to bring joy and support to those who are deserving of such appreciations. 

Hebrew Senior Care is a non-profit, non-sectarian healthcare provider featuring a comprehensive system of integrated and seamless in-patient; out-patient and community based geriatric services. For over 100 years our commitment to providing comprehensive care to the elderly in the Greater Hartford area is unparalleled and is the foundation on which our reputation for excellence is based.