The Festival of Purim at Hebrew Senior Care

March 10, 2016, West Hartford, CT—The festival of Purim is celebrated in the late winter/early spring.  Purim commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia.  Haman was appointed prime minister of the empire and he had a plot to “destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day.”  Purim is celebrated today by the reading of the megillah or book of Esther, telling the story of the Purim miracle, giving money gifts to the poor, sending gifts of food, and/or a Purim feast.

Hebrew Senior Care takes much pride in the importance of holiday celebrations, such as Purim.  This year, Purim begins at sundown on March 23 and continues through the day on March 24.  Beginning on March 17, Hebrew Senior Care will have several different events pertaining to and celebrating Purim.  Purim festivities will include ending in the encouragement of dressing in costume on March 24 as to represent and remind us of the hidden salvation.

On March 17 at 10:30 am, the Yeshiva Katana Girls of Waterbury will be putting on a Purim Play in our Multi-Purpose Room, on March 21 at 10:30 am, the Hebrew Academy will conduct a Purim Parade throughout the building and outside (weather pending), on March 23 at 6:30 pm there will be a Traditional Evening Megillah Reading, and lastly, on March 24 at 10:00 am there will be a Traditional Megillah Reading, 10:30 am the Jewish Community Center Pre-School Purim Parade, 2:00 pm Purim Play and Party, and at 3:00 pm Hoffman SummerWood will be holding a Purim Feast and Play.  On March 24, Rabbi Daniel Braune-Friedman has encouraged the staff of Hebrew Senior Care to dress in costume, to remind others that this day is different from others; he states “It shows them that we can be silly (or scary or daring) and encourages them to live outside of boxes as well.  To try new things, and to relate to each other in a new way.”

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