Wein Retires from Hebrew Senior Care after 20 Years of Service

November 23, 2015, West Hartford, CT – Ruthan Wein, Director of Volunteer Resources at Hebrew Senior Care, announced plans to retire at the end of 2015 after 20 years of service to the organization. Wein, originally from Westchester, NY, came to Greater Hartford in 1979 and soon became involved with the Auxiliary of Hebrew Senior Care, working to revitalize their Strawberry Festival. In addition to this role, Wein volunteered with Hebrew Senior Care’s Adult Day Center. She became President of the Auxiliary in 1985, the same time that Hebrew Senior Care was breaking ground for its West Hartford campus. This position allowed her to sit on the Board of Trustees of Hebrew Senior Care and contribute more to the organization as it prepared to enter a new phase in its development.

Not until 1996, after working with the elderly population at Federation Homes in Bloomfield, did Wein formally join the Hebrew Senior Care team as the Director of Volunteer Resources. She was tasked with expanding the scope of programs for the organization, programs that would bring children into the facility. In 1998 Wein developed a program with Solomon Schechter Day School second graders; she partnered each student with a resident for year-long weekly events. The goal of the program was to teach young children about old age, and ultimately improve the way we view aging, and the way we experience our own aging.  Eighteen years later the program continues, but it is not the only youth program she developed. The summer youth program – which started in 2000 – attracts children of all ages and also those with special needs; and each August they host an annual book sale whose proceeds go towards services or needed equipment for the residents of Hebrew Senior Care. Wein remarked, “Teaching kids about aging is so important, not just for their interactions with people in nursing homes, but for their own parents’ and grandparents’ aging. When they come here, they learn how to be resourceful and find meaningful activities with our residents.”

The Christmas Day Mitzvah program began in 2000. It is another of Wein’s innovations and one of which she is especially proud. Developed to allow more non-licensed staff to be home with their families, the program has 100 to 125 volunteers present in all departments and areas of the facility throughout Christmas Day. “My dream was to build a program that was about more than delivering flowers and mail; and today, volunteers are visible throughout the entire building, not just for programs but participating in care plans to hold hands and reminisce and share a laugh,” Wein stated.

Hebrew Senior Care is a non-profit, non-sectarian healthcare provider featuring a full spectrum of integrated and seamless in-patient; out-patient and community based geriatric services. For over 100 years our commitment to providing comprehensive care to the elderly in the Greater Hartford area is unparalleled and is the foundation on which our reputation for excellence is based.