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Watch Join the Discussion a monthly cable access show about senior health and aging.  The show can be seen on West Hartford Cable Access, YouTube or right through this links below for each individual show.  If you would like to suggest a topic or have a question for a prior guest please email mfrancese@hebrewseniorcare.org.  

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Join The Discussion Shows

"Ambulance Service: Providing More than 911 Care":  Guest:  Robert Mara, Aetna Ambulance, Field Supervisor

"Chronic and Acute Illness:  Guest:  Martha Bonaiuto, LPN, Masonicare

"Nursing in the 21st Century"   Guest:  Kathy Walsh, RN

"Your Pharmacist: An Indispensable Part of Your HealthCare Team"   Guest: Brian Pelletier, PharmD, BCGP, FASCP

"JMAP - A Year of Community Understanding"   Guest: Kathryn Gonnerman                      

"A Closer Look at Assisted Living: Is it Right for Me or My Loved One?"  Guests:  Valerie Bartos, Director of Community Relations for Hoffman SummerWood and  Janice Gibson, Director of Hebrew Senior Care’s Assisted Living Services Agency       

"Healthy Summer Food Options"    Guest:  Chef Matthew Arnsenault, The Crown Market                        

"Physical Therapy"     Guest:  Tom Atwood, Owner, Better Balance                                             

"Alzheimer's and Dementia"      Guest:  Heather Dobbert, LCSW, CDP                                                  

"Senior Day Services: Everything You Wanted To Know but were Afraid to Ask.”  Guests:  Charmaine Emond, CDP and Jennefer DeSette


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