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For admission information please contact Pat Dickens, Admission Coordinator, at 860-218-2323.

We hear it every day...there is a significant increase in behavioral health issues within the senior patient population, yet very few resources available both for the patient needing care and the referral sources who feel helpless to guide them. Connecticut Behavioral Health Hospital specializes in serving older adults (50 years and older) who are experiencing acute mental health challenges.  Our hospital is designed to service seniors who are experiencing acute behavioral decompensation and need a short-term behavioral inpatient stay.  

Connecticut Behavioral Health Hospital should be your first choice for any older adult experiencing acute mental health challenges requiring a short-term, inpatient hospital stay.  We are one of the few behavioral health hospitals who only serve older adults.  Your older patient will not be grouped within a broader "adult population" for care and treatment.  

Patients admitted to our 38-bed behavioral health hospital are typically experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms or behaviors that interfer with their care.  Whether an older adult is experiencing depression, dementia accompanied by behavioral disturbances or schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar disorder or alcohol withdrawal the Behavioral Health Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care are experts in serving this vulnerable population.  

Referrals can be accepted from physician offices, skilled nursing homes, assisted living and independent living facilities and/or hospital emergency departments. 

For admission information please contact Pat Dickens, Admission Coordinator, at 860-218-2323.


Financial Information

Should you need financial assistance for hospital services contact Financial Services at 860-523-3909.  

The links below provide our Financial Services policy and Financial Aid Requirements and Application.

Hospital Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary

Hospital Financial Assistance Policy 

Hospital Financial Assistance Application

Hospital Financial Assistance Program - Schedule A

Hospital Financial Assistance Program - Schedule B



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