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Hospital Charge Estimates

Hospital Charge Estimates

We believe that understanding charges for services rendered helps our patients and their loved ones make informed decisions regarding their healthcare. Hebrew Home and Hospital is providing this online list of standard charges to assist patients/responsible party to make these decisions. For an estimate, it is helpful for you to have the current procedural terminology (CPT) code for the procedure. You can ask your doctor for these CPT codes.

This list of charges (called chargemaster) reflects standard charges billed to payors, whether commercial, government, or self-pay – not your out-of-pocket costs. This is because out-of-pocket costs are determined by:

  • Individual health plan benefits
  • Medical situation
  • Unique treatment plan
  • Financial situation (refer to administration to determine financial assistance need)

Reminder, if you are covered by a health plan, please contact your health insurance provider to request an estimate of your financial responsibility prior to admission.  If you are not covered by a health plan, we encourage you to contact administration to discuss payment options and receive a price estimate.


Chargemaster (list of charges)

Shoppable Services (list of shoppable services)

Administration phone number: (860) 523-3928


Last updated 12/28/2023

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